I have a hard time teasing apart artistic photography
and portrait photography. I want my portraits to look like art.
I’m more interested in capturing the essence of my subjects than a
posed mug shot.

Sunday, May 30, 2010


I had the location of the little local airposrt in mind for dusk photos, but it looked better in my head.
I did manage to squeez out a couple of nice pictures there.
Fortunatly Bill and I got lost the other day and while we were driving around I saw some other locals that were just begging me to come and bring camera!There's a put put golf course just out of town that is closed down that I got these at:

These two locations are places I've wanted to try out for a long time, and Mr. Sun was still giving me enough light, and Mr. Son was still willing to pose:-)
I like these triplicate pieces, I think I have mastered the taking of the pictures, but the photoshoping them together is another matter, especially when I'm dealing with shadows.  I'm very blessed to have a handy husband to help me out!

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  1. you are doing really good w/your lens flare. the grass shot w/harrison w/him in focus and the grass blurry w/the sun would look cool if your focus was reversed as well. these are looking good!